Friday, July 10, 2009

Online Shopping Sites - My Favorites

Best Buy
Electronics, Movies, Games...
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Great online discount website, especially for games, movies and electronics... But they could have anything you are looking for. I like to check the daily and weekly specials regularly. Many specials include free shipping. (Takes a week or so to arrive...)
Largest shopping site / company on the web. If you can't find it here... It's probably not out there.
Great for giftcards for anything. Great for books, CD's... Anything you are having trouble finding elsewhere, or just want a great deal on. Also can find deals on used items through amazon.
Website could be better, but better search than most home improvement stores.
If you own a home... You need to shop at Lowes.

Barnes and Noble
Great store for books, movies, TV shows, magazines. Prices can be high here... But sales can be a pretty good deal to. You can pay for a year membership, and recieve a discount on everything you buy + Monthly coupons for in store or online. Now B&N has a great addition to the webpage. You can log in and review books or music, and share what you are reading or what you like with other B&N Users. I highly reccomend signing up for this. This doesn't require B&N Membership or anything that costs money. :)
Woot usually has a deal of the day. The deal is usually a great price on whatever the item is. The page usually has silly commentary next to the item info that may or may not be related to the sale item. Every once in a while... The site has a "woot off" and runs a limited number of a particular item until it sells out, and then shortly after starts another item. This event lasts for a day, and the deals can be awesome! So check back regularly durring the day to see what is available! :)

1 Sale A Day
This is a lot like woot but more generic. The items are oftec lower $ items, and the deals can be good. I think a lot of their stuff is crap... But I check back daily and find some good deals on stuff I want. (Example - a wall mount for my 22" Monitor for free + 5.96 s&h... works great!)
One of the best sources for sweet deals. This site puts together a list of most up-to-date sales and cupon codes from around the web. This is primarily for tech stuff, but includes clothes, shoes, home related stuff... Etc. Check out the Rss Feeds too. :)
Another deal site. Has both a daily deal, and an hourly deal. A lot of it is crap, but the prices are cheap. Make sure you know what you are buying.

New Egg
Best price for online shopping for computer parts. Also have some electronics etc. I have done a lot of business with them and saved a ton of money. They are as good as I could hope an online sales company could be.

Musician's Friend - Stupid Deal of the Day
Daily special. Usually something off the wall and sort of random. But if you find something you're looking for it will be a good deal. :)

Norman Camera
Local Camera Shop in Kalamazoo (and other cities in Mi). Surprisingly competative with online bottom-dollar camera equipment. Take my advice. Buy from a camera expert at Norman Camera. They know what they are doing, and you'll get a good deal. :)

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